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Columbine Library


Columbine Library

7706 W Bowles Avenue
Littleton, CO 80123 United States



November 27, 2018


6:30 pm

Social Security Workshop at the Columbine Library. The presentation will include answers to questions like,

  • How do the massive changes from 2015 (and the 7 changes in 2017) affect me?
  • Who can use creative strategy and timing methods to get more from their hard-earned benefits?
  • What are some ways to combine Social Security and my retirement savings to optimize my income?
  • What are the key mistakes to avoid that could reduce my lifetime benefits?
  • Why doesn’t Social Security have any employees ready to advise me on my benefits?
  • Why is it important to reduce risk in my portfolio in order to maximize Social Security?
  • What role does Social Security have in helping me be better prepared for increasing health care costs without an expensive long term care policy?
  • How can Social Security decisions affect whether or not I leave more of my life savings to the government?
  • How can I incorporate Social Security strategies into a comprehensive income plan to become Financially Independent in today’s volatile world?
  • What decisions has congress and the new administration made that could impact my benefits?

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This event is not sponsored by Jefferson County Libraries. For information about the event, please contact Lord and Richards at (720) 214-6801.

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